Bristol in a Box

A personalised lightbox is a great gift for any occasion
A personalised lightbox is a great gift for any occasion Thoughtful mothers day gifts. Choose from over 10 wooden light boxes handmade in Bristol The Carpe Diem light box is one of the most thoughtful mothers day gifts Unique and handmade, my lightboxes make for very thoughtful mothers day gifts My lightboxes are mains connected so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries! Switch on the Carpe Diem lightbox and enjoy its lovely glow

Carpe Diem

Bristol in a Box


Relaxing in bed while listening to your audio book is even better with the Carpe Diem lightbox. Its warm vintage glow is soothing and will not disturb your sleep.

It features a picture of a barber shop in Bristol which seems to from another age. . This decorative plug in night light will look fab on your bedside table so make some space :)

Details about your lightbox:

  • It is made in pine wood
  • It is mains connected with an on/off switch for ease of use.
  • It comes with its 12V UK power adapter.
  • It measures 19 x 19 cm and is 4 cm deep.
  • The LED lights inside do not generate heat and the lightbox is safe to touch.
  • We use Danish oil to protect its wooden frame and give it a lovely shine.
  • It is handmade so we need a little time to get it ready for you (up to 5 days) 
  • It comes protected in a padded box
  • It is delivered via Royal Mail. Good news, there is free UK delivery!