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How I stumbled upon the blue door

How I stumbled upon the blue door

Spring is definitely taking its time to grace us with its presence and we've been battered by wind and cold showers. At least that's an excuse to hold on to our hot chocolates and comfy socks a little longer.

I thought we could all do with a bit of sunshine and greenery so here is my Blue Door lightbox. I took this picture while on a walk in Clifton Village in Bristol, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

After spotting that funny little pebbled path behind a house for the umpteenth times, I finally decided to take a peek. Intrigued, I went around the house and discovered this beautiful alley with green leaves in the middle of which I spotted an indigo blue door. It felt as if I'd stumble into a corner of the South of France.

What lies behind that lovely little door, I might find out one day, but until then, it keeps me dreaming of cool white wine and sunnier days. 

I snapped this picture and I think it makes for a lovely lightbox. Whether switched on or off, it looks great on a shelf, mantel piece or a bedside table. Where would you choose to have it?

The Blue Door lightbox, handmade in pine wood, £45 (free UK delivery).