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How I won over a Dragon | Theo Paphitis

Every weekend Theo Paphitis encourages business owners to tweet a description of their business and the following Monday, he retweets his favourite six to more than 490,000 followers. I’m happy to say that the persistence paid off when Theo picked me as one of his weekly winners!  

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Shop handmade this festive season

I imagine I'm not the only one who can't quite believe how quickly the year has passed. This festive season will be a very exciting one for me as it's Bristol In A Box's first Christmas. Yes that's it, I've said the C word... I've decided to join some seriously talented makers at the Made In Bristol Gift Fair on December 2, and at the Here Bristol Christmas market on December 3. I will be exhibiting plenty of lightboxes for you to choose from and I will also be able to accept custom orders on the spot so come and have a natter!   So whichever date you decide to go for, I hope to see you there and I...

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Top five handmade gifts for Mother's Day

Each year, mums are celebrated with a flurry of lovely gifts and ahead of the big day, I thought it would be a good occasion to round-up my favourite handmade goodies. 1/ Palyglass A bunch of flowers is often the go-to present for Mother's Day but what if you could keep pretty flowers forever? Nikki, founder of Palyglass, offers the most beautiful botanical treasures encased in geometric glass. Visit her Etsy shop to find out more. Day 4 | Favourite to make #MarchMeetTheMaker. Well after yesterday’s post of course it has to be my flower frames! I love to make terrariums and 3D glass objects, but after selling at markets it was clear that the flower frames were what people liked...

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Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2017

I normally don't like to be defined by my gender or skin tone so the first time I got involved with the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs in Bristol as an event photographer two years ago, I must admit I had a few doubts about the need for such an event. Fast forward two years though to last Friday and you would have found me clapping enthusiastically at the stories of the women and men who were invited to share their experiences.  The night before, Facebook ran an event to celebrate the #SheMeansBusiness campaign which helps female entrepreneurs promote their business on the platform. It included a great interview with Emma Watkinson from independent fashion marketplace Silkfred and a mini presentation from me!...

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