Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2017

Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2017

I normally don't like to be defined by my gender or skin tone so the first time I got involved with the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs in Bristol as an event photographer two years ago, I must admit I had a few doubts about the need for such an event.

Fast forward two years though to last Friday and you would have found me clapping enthusiastically at the stories of the women and men who were invited to share their experiences. 

The night before, Facebook ran an event to celebrate the #SheMeansBusiness campaign which helps female entrepreneurs promote their business on the platform. It included a great interview with Emma Watkinson from independent fashion marketplace Silkfred and a mini presentation from me!

I was super excited (and nervous) to stand up in the audience of 150 business owners to talk about what I learnt at a #SheMeansBusiness workshop with social media expert Alison Battisby and show off one of my lightboxes! 

It was great to meet like-minded women and the festival agenda was jam packed with great tips on resilience, relationships, finance, marketing and HR. 

I must say that I really enjoyed both events. It was empowering to feel that as a small business owner, I’m not on my own and it's good to be part of a community.

Businesses sometimes appear to have sprung out of the the ground so easily and you're under the illusion that it's only you who struggles with obstacles. But chatting and networking with many of the ladies who came along, whatever stage their businesses are at, I realised we've all faced the same issues and made the same mistakes.

It's important to get together from time-to-time and remind ourselves of that!

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