Badocks Wood in Bristol

Badock's Wood in pictures

A few weeks back, my partner and I decided to venture into a new green space that we've never been to before. Located in Southmead, North Bristol, Badock's Wood is a nature reserve that we were keen to discover.

We set off from Central Bristol and went through the Downs and Henleaze before reaching the Southmead area. It was a mild day and the first signs of spring could be spotted.

With its streams zigzagging among the woodland, it's no wonder why Badocks' Wood is a popular place for locals in need of a breath of fresh air and a good walk.

The ancient woodland could date back to 400 years and a Bronze Age burial mound was discovered (see picture below). Back in the 20th century, the woods belonged to Sir Stanley Badock, a Bristol businessman and industrialist who donated it to the city in 1937.

If you're into freshwater swimming, you might know Badock's Wood as it lies right next to Henleaze lake.

Just like the dog walkers and families we saw, we enjoyed our walk along the wood's alleys and paths. I particularly liked the sound of the streams around us. The history geek in me was excited to find out about the Bronze Age burial mound!

It was great to take another of Bristol's green spots off our bucket list and if like me you're looking to discover more of Bristol's nature reserves, this guide will help you do so.

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A walk through Badock's Wood Bristol


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